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Hello world!

Uncategorised October 20, 2016

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  1. More posts of this quiatly. Not the usual c***, please

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  4. oh no! seems like you were a lot nicer then i woulda been. i totally would called one of my friends just to chat or come pick me up lol.i'm sure he's sweet but that is totally awkward.

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  8. Sounds like tsarist Russia, not America. Recent immigrants from eastern europe tended to be low on the pole, but long-settled Germans & Sephardics (like Judah Benjamin) were not.Sounds like you need to read that book. A major reason that "the political system that had emerged in the US at the turn of the century was one that deprived Jews of access to economic and political power and to social standing" was because there was somewhat of a backlash against those "German & Sephardic" Jews that naturally affected the Eastern European Jews as well.

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  10. New logo looks an awful lot like the Picasa logo. Also, is anyone else seeing a "9" in it? Nice timing for Microsoft, with their push of IE9.

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  20. Knepigt det här, men igår fick jag en känsla av att det nog var en flytt som var på gång. Fast jag slog bort tanken för jag har ju förtsått hur fäst du är vid skolan, och så visar det sig att min känsla var rätt ändå. Det kommer att bli kanon i ditt nya bo för som du säger, det blir lättare att hålla värmen i vinter med en mindre volym som skall värmas upp.

  21. I am currently with BB&T but quite tired of them taking MY money for maintenance fees. Does anyone know a good bank that offers free checking? I am a college student also. Thanks in advance

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  23. I was going to say that you're my kind of woman ("cheap") with your decorating ideas, but that sounded a little off-color…LOL! Instead, I'll say that your INEXPENSIVE ideas are so clever and utterly cute. I just may have to buy a pool noodle or two!

  24. Sadly, when the game was first being developed she had not come back yet. Then the game was already so far along when she did she couldn’t be added

  25. I am so glad to see the positive changes Jonathan has made for this restaurant. I used to work there and it was nothing but Sysco products. The service was always awesome, but the food never really matched. I am so impressed with the changes he made both in the products they are using and the menu! Keep up the good work!

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  27. It appears to me that this site doesnt download in a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the same issue? I enjoy this web site and dont want to have to miss it any time Im gone from my computer.


  29. Just came from the polls.. voted against of course. How sad to have seen one group vote on the civil rights of another. Even if it fails, the vote it self is a step backwards for society. A sad day to have lived to see.

  30. "It wouldn't be surprising to find out that many grossly unqualified blacks go into the test thinking they'll ace it and scream racism afterward with sincerity."This is the correct answer.

  31. Thanks Jo Ann, yes I imagine it gets very cold up north. The Blue Ridge Mountains must be a great place to live for a nature lover. They are close to the Appalachians aren’t they?

  32. I remember reading this book years ago. It was the first step in a reading journey of 3-4 more of her books. As lives go, we could not have more different experiences but I think a little of Anne Lamott lives in each of us. This is why she touches us so deeply. Love her or hate her, she always elicited a reaction.

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  34. JMJ, pourquoi verte, la chandelle ? rapport aux phares, vert pour tribord, à droite toute ? ou bien (sans doute) quelque chose m’aura échappé dans le landerneau gouvernemental ?

  35. que algo tenga una funcion no implica que no sea artificial (o cultural). claro que lo de natural/no natural es una distincion que a mi nunca me ha quedado muy clara…en cualquier caso, creo que el pudor es completamente cultural y, de hecho, varia de una cultura a otra. a unos les parece escandaloso lo que otros encuentran normal.y en lo de que actuando sin pudor se tienen hijos, ahi confieso que me he perdido en la argumentacion (pero con lo cansado que estoy, tampoco es de extranhar ).un saludo,

  36. If the government imposed a steep fine, not a crime, I would quit smoking. It’s better than paying these outrageous cigarette taxes in New York City. A pack in some stores sell for about $7.00. Just make it illegal and folks will have to quit smoking. Why haven’t they tried this yet?

  37. Elsa,Viendo la respuesta de los usuarios de PROSEFI , quede más que claro que abusaron de su emotividad y su nulo análisis financiero.Palabras suaves, argumentos fuertes.

  38. Also wenn ich mich in der Foodblogosphäre so umschaue, können wir Männer garantiert mehr als Braten und Porsche fahren :)Aber für P's Lamkeule würde ich den Porsche definitiv stehen lassen 😉

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  42. Just saw MM with my girlfriends. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Plot line was just okay, but the eye candy was AMAZING. Channing Tatum & Alex Pettyfer were rocking some HAWT bods! Def a great movie to check out with your lady friends!

  43. . Isn’t it entirely possible she just wasn’t motivated? The outcome may be the same, but I think there are issues unrelated to this week’s reading that could have been the student’s problem.

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  46. Interessant: ZEKER! Mooi? Niet voor mij, haha. Het concept is wel heel tof, want ik denk dat wel allemaal 'de mevrouw met de naar achterengeklapte hak' wel eens zijn tegengekomen 😉 x

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  49. BrianJ, I'm well on my way to being an old man, and pretty fond of (at least the basic concepts in) Atlas Shrugged. I can't say I'm anxiously awaiting a catastrophic sloughing of a systemic collapse, but most days lately I can't say a front center seat wouldn't be interesting. The problem with that is that there won't be any ringside seats. We'll all be on stage, carrying a spear, albeit a cardboard one. I'd prefer to preside at the serial bludgeoning of Congressmen with a bound copy of the 2011 Federal Budget. Once done with that, perhaps we could start over in both houses.

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  51. Amazing!, The weather didn’t effect their “feel good” announcement yet when it comes to having to publicly declare their finances & decisions “the dog ate my homework”…. would someone Please put these crooks out of business! …

  52. Here in Northern Connecticut. We still have power, which I am surprized about, because we lose power all the time. Here we are having gust of winds at 62 mph. Lots of drizzel schools closed today and tuesday.Well-loved.

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  58. it was too good. Let's hope Byron have gone for that one, eh? Agree with Mr Noodles though that the buns are below par (I'd say downright shoddy) but look forward to the new burger.

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  68. We thought the video questions were much better than the ordinary debates;however, as usual, Anderson's own bias was present in the video selection and in his arbitrary picks about who answered what. We think a balanced group of people should select questions and there needs to be some balance of fairness for the debaters. We think Anderson Cooper should be more of a journalist and less of an editor.

  69. That is so funny… my sister wants me to have a baby, and to get me "in the mood" she gave me a plant last year, which she had named Lola. Since then, I've always thought that if I ever have a baby, and it's a girl, I'd like to name her Lola 🙂

  70. Hm, nice theory but will this work if you fail at 500lb ?I wonder what Big Rick thinks about it eheh Anyway it is great to see something new sometimes and not just believe that the technique you are used to is the one and only…

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  72. I mentioned the rumble roller a while back when you were talking about P90X2. I got it with the kit and it does indeed take foam rolling to a whole new level. You have to ease into it. ; ) But it is worth it, especially if you foam roll regularly and the regular one is not so challenging anymore.

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  74. You have mango trees?! That's cool! We love mangoes; I usually use your second method. Have you ever tried one of those mango pitters (Oxo makes one). I've always wondered how well they really work.Thanks for linking!

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  84. She's amazing! I LOVE your blog- it's one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own.. And I don't think I should have to be 60+ to dress as matchy matchy as I want or to enjoy color. A lot of my inspiration comes from the ladies on your blog. Thanks for showing us and giving these ladies a voice in the blogsphere! With Love From Hollywood, Kier

  85. Sikke nogle fantastiske billeder, du har taget! Ja høsten/efterÃ¥ret er en skøn Ã¥rstid.Jeg er med pÃ¥ den Billed ABC pÃ¥ fredag og glæder mig 🙂

  86. Say what you want about Ricketts but he cares. For the first time in 70 years the Cubs have an owner who wants to win and build a team the right way. He brought in the best young executive in the business and he’s letting him run the organization. He hired one of the highest regarded young managers in the game. This hasn’t happened since old man Wrigley hired old man Veek who hired Joe McCarthy. Roughly during that period of time the Cubs went to the WS every three years. Hang in there Cub fans, our time is coming and soon.

  87. Hi Daniel,It could be the atmosphere and the exclusivity that won Michelin over, or perhaps the “potential” of the place. Couldn’t agree more that Bread and Wine should have got more recognition by Michelin.

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  92. I think you have snuck into my room and took a pic! In all seriousness, your white wardrobe with things hung on every concieveable space is IDENTICAL to mine!Hope you had a lovely weekend, all the beer and food is hard work, but very necessary!x

  93. e anche qui, sbaglio o ci sono molti testimoni che raccontano dell’aereo? Visto che bisogna stare ai fatti, mi indichi per favore a che pagina del Final Report della commissione ufficiale sono i citati i nomi dei testimoni?! Nonché le immagini dell’aereo che si é schiantato?

  94. Good Night all. I can’t wait to hear what the radio and TV say about the Global Warming Fraud!1 Fraud down! It’s a Big Step! Maybe, just Maybe they have hacked into Bammys School records also. Can you believe is was the Russians!

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  96. Je ne connaissais pas Thomas mais en tant qu’étudiant Ieseg, j’ai été touché par la triste nouvelle et je partage la peine de sa famille et ses amis. Je leur souhaite du courage pour traverser au mieux cette épreuve et repartir de l’avant.Mes sincères condoléances.

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